Empowering Heroes and Communities: Philanthropic Pathways for Military and Minority Advancement

Retiring from the military often presents limited options for individuals, as many fail to recognize the organizational prowess of the military, akin to successful Fortune 500 companies. This lack of understanding hampers the integration of former soldiers into civilian workplaces, forcing them to start over at entry-level positions alongside younger individuals who lack the same experience and leadership skills naturally acquired through military service. Addressing diversity and inclusion requires more than just acknowledging the issue; we must provide realistic solutions. It is essential to stop overlooking exceptional leaders due to the absence of relatable representation and instead equip veterans and underserved communities with the necessary tools, coaching, and training to enhance their confidence, outlook, and perspective. We should recognize that the next exceptional CEO or C-level employee does not necessarily come from an Ivy League school.

My mission is to establish pathways to economic prosperity through leadership coaching, business development consulting, and business process consulting for military veterans and young adults from underserved communities. By teaching professional leadership skills, translating military leadership into applicable work models sought by the job market, and fostering collaboration among businesses, volunteers, and nonprofits, we aim to empower underrepresented talent to pursue leadership roles and entrepreneurship successfully.

Operating from San Antonio, Texas, I have a proven track record of coaching individuals in the essential leadership and life skills demanded by the market. Through the S.C.H.I.E.L.E. Method, which includes a comprehensive 23-week program consisting of 16 weeks of virtual instruction and skill-building followed by a seven-week paid internship, we provide an extensive curriculum that addresses the leadership requirements for executive-level employment.

In addition to our program, we offer a range of social service support, including job referrals, outreach programs, strategy planning, and assistance, to our clients throughout their program participation. Our commitment lies in fostering job persistence and long-term career growth for every individual we serve.

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